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What is a Family Plan?


This is a pre-paid or monthly pay maintenance program for your homes heating and cooling system. 

We will perform a yearly cleaning on your home heating/cooling system, including basic filter change or wash (if applicable). If you have cooling we will also be using our special coil cleaner to clean the outdoor unit and indoor coil.

Enjoy the advantage of booking your appointment a year in advance. This allows us to maintain a yearly schedule and allows us to have enough qualified technicians on staff during the different seasons. It also ensures you won't miss your yearly service. Don't worry we will call you 2 Weeks prior to your appointment to make sure Life didn't change.  =)  

Don't delay because this price is ONLY good for booking an appointment a year in advance. If you wait and call during the seasons, you will be subject to our normal rates.

If you have any equipment with parts warranties, remember, the manufacturer requires that you have maintenance done to ensure you catch all repairs preventatively to avoid major problems in the future.

Once you sign up through our website and pick the plan for you home. The office will call you within a week to schedule your maintenance a year out. Or you can call us to schedule prior.

If you have any more questions, feel free to call. 360-923-4229

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