Welcome to our new website- 2020

I had to create a new website because our old one was outdated. I worked hard on this and if you have any inputs let me know. (

I'm going to launch a blog that makes it fun and light hearted. We want you to know Community Heating and Cooling, LLC. Not just as a business but the people that make up the business itself. I'm going to journal and tell you about the life in the HVAC world and our world after hours. Get ready. It's going to be Epic! We want you to know our Family on a personal level.

Corey and I have the heart of an entrepreneur. We are always looking to expand our horizons and leave a legacy for our children. On a personal note- we love dirt bikes, boating, and friendship. We have fun all the time on the clock and off the clock. Don't miss out on knowing the whole story.

So .... Don't forget to check back and see what's going on in the Forsberg World =)

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